An invitation for invasion – an open letter to the former occupants of Germany

Mr. President Obama. M. President Hollande, Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. (sorry, not you Vlad)

I kindly invite you to occupy Germany you gave us back in 1990. We had high hopes but finally proved not to be trustworthy. We failed managing our own country and brought harm to Europe and ourselves – we still do.

Three good reasons to be alarmed:

  1. Our chancellor is ruling without any opposition worth mentioning.
  2. Our people are brainwashed with an strange ideology and cannot decide between right and wrong.  They won’t listen to reason at all.
  3. The German government forces its will (what society should look like) upon whole Europe.

Our chancellor’s decisions base on obscure reasons and are changing the lives of Europes’s people for centuries to come – presumably not for the better.

Please put boots on the ground. Fast. Damage is already done.

Yours sincerly

Michael J. Weider


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